Kaolin for agrochemical use

Kaolin is a white clay of great purity from the decomposition of feldspar rocks, being a hydrated aluminum silicate. Its chemical formula is [AL4 SI4 O10(OH)8], its specific weight is 2.6 and its hardness on the Mohs scale is 2. It is characterized by its fine particle shape and chemical inertia. Other important properties are: it is hygroscopic (absorbs water) and its plasticity is low to moderate. High whiteness, inertia to chemical agents, odorless, electrical insulator, moldable and easy extrusion. It resists high temperatures, is non-toxic and non-abrasive and has high refractoriness and dispersion ease. It is compact, soft to the touch and hard to fuse. It has great covering and absorbent power, as well as low viscosity in high percentages of solids. In the early 1990s, protective films of mineral origin began to be tested as a preventive protective measure, provided that they did not limit the photosynthetic activity of the plant, with kaolin being the most commonly used mineral.

Silmin Ibérica markets a wide range of high purity kaolins for agriculture. Our micronized kaolin is used in foliar spraying in pear, olive, mandarin, orange, etc.

Silmin Iberica provides the logistic supply for kaolin for agriculture. We distribute by dump trucks, tippers, tankers, bagging and big bags.

The highly advanced treatment of kaolin that we distribute and commercialize, allows us to offer a product of high purity , in order to satisfy the requirement of a very pure kaolin, elaborated for its application in organic agriculture as a phytofortifier.

The uses of the washed and micronized kaolin in agriculture are multiple due to its properties, which allow the plant to develop defenses against different diseases, as well as strengthen the general status of the same. The fine particle thickness of our kaolin, its large specific surface area, high covering power, absorbent and adherent capacities, make it valued in organic and non-organic farming.

In agriculture its use is increasingly widespread, with very positive results in ecological control of fruit flies in citrus fruit, fly and prays in olive and psylla in pear, and certain pests such as cycad (green mosquitoe), tryps, lepidoptera, Diptera, etc. The proportions used for the dissolution of our kaolin in agriculture can be made directly in the use atomizer, with a concentration that can vary between 3% and 5% of the volume of water, depending on the type of plant to be treated. It allows mixing with other types of products in the same tank and applying them at the same time, creating a thin and homogeneous layer that covers the tree.

Initiate application of kaolin on plants before laying.

Kaolin for pear psyla,

Kaolin for pear, apple and olive heat stroke.

Kaolin for fly and prays in olive (bactrocera oleae).

Kaolin for citrus (ceratitis capitata, green mosquitoes)

Kaolin for industrial tomato,

Kaolin for almond (green mosquitoe).

Kaolin for bone fruit trees,

Kaolin for watermelon,

Kaolin for melon,

Kaolin for pepper,

Kaolin for persimmon,

Kaolin for seedlings,

Kaolin covers crops, and by absorbing moisture it makes it more resistant to situations of thermal stress avoiding heat stroke and reducing the water stress of the plant, favoring that the crops develop vigor and resistance against pathogens, increasing the health and performance of the plant.

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