Micronized Quartz

High quality and pure silica sands, through a very specific grinding process, reduce their particle size and are classified to obtain granulometries of less than 100 microns. This treatment of silica sands has several names;

  • silica flour
  • Micronized quartz
  • ground silica sands

Silmin Iberica is specialized in the marketing and distribution of silica flour, micronized quartz or high purity ground silica sand for the industry. We market and distribute siliceous flours, micronized quartz or ground silica sand, very pure with SIO2 contents of more than 99%. This raw material is inert and its high dielectric strength makes silica flours, micronized quartz or ground silica sand An excellent filler in electrical compounds, or as a filler, they are white and have great qualities of chemical and mechanical resistance.

​ The granulometric diversity that we can supply allows us to distribute the appropriate size of the product depending on its final application. Our micronized or ground sands or quartz are available in distributions with sizes that vary between 10 and 100 microns, adapting to the client's needs.

They are supplied dry, by tanker truck or in bags. Silmin Ibérica ensures the logistical supply for all silica flours, micronized quartz or ground silica sands.

​Silmin Ibérica, with its range of products, distributes high quality micronized quartz for the manufacture of various industrial products, in markets as diverse as:

  • Silica flour for ceramics (sanitary ware, ceramics, earthenware, insulators, ceramic frits, technical ceramics).
  • Micronized quartz for refractories
  • Ground Silica Sand Paints
  • Micronized quartz for architectural, industrial and traffic coatings
  • Micronized epoxy-quartz based continuous flooring
  • Silica flour for thermoset plastics and rubbers
  • Ground silica for special mortars and construction
  • Micronized quartz for floors
  • Siliceous flours for applications with resins and varnishes
  • ground silica for paints
  • Micronized quartz for fiberglass
  • Micronized quartz for polishing.
  • Siliceous filler
  • Siliceous fillers

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Whether you need micronized silica and quartz sands, micaceous iron oxide, red iron oxide, glass powder, granular glass or kaolin for organic farming, Silmin Ibérica adapts to your needs