Silmin Iberica distributes and markets high quality and purity raw materials for the glass industry.

Depending on the type of glass manufacturing, we can recommend the most appropriate raw material that we can supply for the correct manufacture of the product.

The products made with our raw materials are intended for the manufacture of extra clear glass, for the manufacture of glass, as well as articles and sectors such as: Handicrafts, perfumery, luxury bottles and glasses, solar industry and prestigious glassware . Raw materials for the manufacture of hollow and pressed glass containers (bottles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tableware, lighting, glassware, manual and automatic bottles) as well as flat glass (building, automobile, etc.)

Our knowledge of industrial processes allow us to obtain, after its transformation, very suitable products for the manufacture of hollow and pressed glass, flat glass and glass for the manufacture of solar panels.

Silmin Ibérica ensures the logistics supply for the entire range of raw materials for glass. We supply the raw materials, by dump truck, dump trucks, tank trucks, big bags, bagged or in metal drums.

Silmin Iberica with its range of products, distributes the following high quality industrial minerals for glass manufacturing:

Extra silica sand for glass

Dolomite for glass with very low Fe2O3 iron content.

Calcium carbonate with very low iron contents

Natural calcium carbonate

Rare earths - Lanthanides

Micaceous Iron Oxide (Mio)

Red iron oxide

Granular glass and glass power

For the manufacture of amber glass we propose very stable iron oxides, which guarantee color stability.

Granular glass and glass powderAt the request of the client, we can supply transition metals to color and discolor the glass cobalt oxide copper oxide chrome oxide To request data sheet or expand information about our products. Contact us.