Silmin Ibérica offers a wide range of sand of colors. The sand of colors is a product obtained of grains of sand of quartz calibrated of different granulometries, colored based on organic pigments, resins and minerals selected by his resistance to the chemical agents and to the beams UV.
These properties provide a high stability, excellent mechanical and chemical resistance for his use in different industrial applications specially for his use in soils.

Due to the form very rounded of the particles of the sands of colors that Silmin Ibérica supplies and distributes they do that they need a demand of limited resin, as well as a high fluency.

Our sands of silica of colors provide brilliant colors, attractive and resistant to the light.
Our standard colors can cover the needs of utilization in the majority of applications, but depending on the needs, there can be supplied personalized colors depending on the needs of the client.

Physical and chemical analyses (indicative values. These values do not constitute a specification)

Form of grain: rounded
Dioxide of silicon (SiO2):   > 98 %
Hardness (Mohs) .................  7
pH .......................................... 7
1 MPa density of compression ... 1,8 g / cm3
real density ....... 2.65

The wide range of colors of our sand of colors is based on criteria very defined depending on the final application of the product.

Silmin Ibérica assures the logistic supply for the granulometric diversity that it commercializes. We supply sand of colors by means of big bag or sacks.

Silmin Ibérica with his range of colors, distributes the following sands of silica colored or quartz colored for the multiple applications in the one that is in use:

Sand of silica of colors for concrete polymers
quartz of color for pavements
sand of silica of colors for sports surfaces
quartz of colors for decorative coatings
sand of colors for interior decoration and exterior
quartz of colors for creative hobbies
sand of silica of colors to use with all kinds of resins of epoxi EP, of polyurethane PU or of methacrylate MMA.
quartz of color for mortars of resin
sand of silica of colors for coatings many layers

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