The oxide of micaceous iron , that  supplies and commercializes Silmin Iberica, it's an specular hematite with high purity and have a silver-gray color  with a high metallic shinH, with a lamelar structure with small flakes .The size and the diversity granulometry of the particles from oxide micaceous iron, make a product very valued as a pigment for anticorrosion paint  with multiple industrial applications.

The properties of oxide of micaceous iron, that commercializes and distributes silmin Iberica are her chemical resistance and thermal stability that creates  a protection effect to the radiations UV, getting a reinforcement  obtained in the movie of painting,implanting an effect barrier due to the form to laminate of the particles, which improve considerably the protection of anticorrosive paintings for structural steels, and very diverse facilities.

Oxide of micaceous iron for anticorrosive coverings.
Oxide of micaceous iron  for decorative pigments.
​Oxide of micaceous iron or ceramics.
​Oxide of micaceous iron  for glass.
Oxide of micaceous iron for electrodes of weld.

The metallic gray color and shine that has the micaceous, allow to realize a mixture with other pigments, this way to obtain a range mas wide in colors of anticorrosive paintings.
The granulometric diversity that we can supply allow us to distribute the suitable size of the product depending on his final application.

Silmin Ibérica assures the logistic supply for the whole range of oxide of micaceous iron.
By request of the client we pack the product, by means of big bag or bagged.

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