Silmin Iberica it’s specialized in the commercialization and distribution of Moscovite Mica with high purity for the industry.

​The high purity in the chemical composition and the form of his excellent structure lamellar,chemical inertia, high degree of adhesion, great resistance tixotrópica, limited coefficient of expansion and acoustic, as well as his high resistance dieléctricity, they give to the Moscovite Mica (Glimmer) a characteristics very defined for the application in multiple productive processes.

We commercialize and distribute Moscovite Micas sometimes named Glimmer with a wealth of 90-95%.
​The granulometric diversity that we can supply it allow us to distribute the suitable size of the product depending on his final application. We supply Moscovite Mica with a variety of 35 different specifications.

- Mica flakes
- Delaminated mica flakes
- Fine particle size - Ground mica
- micronised Mica
- Micas in powder

- Very diverse granulometries that go from Micas micronised in powder from 20 microns up to small scales of 700 microns.
- variable densities from 0.20 to 0.80 gr/cm3.

Silmin Iberica assures the logistic supply for the whole range of Moscovite Micas by means in big bag of 1.2 T or in sacks of 25 kg.

Silmin Iberica with his range of products, distributes Moscovite Mica of high quality for the manufacture of diverse industrial products, on markets so diverse as:

Mica for plastics
Mica for paintings and varnishes
Mica for cosmetics
​Naturaly cosmetics muscovite mica
Mica for acoustic isolation
Mica for coverings, construction and polymers
Mica for coverings and industrial additives
Mica for coverings and additives resistant to the fire
Mica for coverings for the industry of the smelting.
Mica for mineral supplements
Mica for decorative coverings
Mica for systems of thickness of cap
Mica for thermoplastic
Mica for materials of friction
​Mica for polymers


Our productive capacity and the realized process allows us to adapt our Moscovite Micas in scales and powder to the needs of the client.
To request specification sheet or to extend information about our products.
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