Silmin Iberica distributes and markets high quality raw materials and purity for foundry.

Silica sand of high purity, as they have a lot of resistance to temperature, are very suitable for the manufacture of molds and male or cast iron.

Depending on the type of foundry, we can recommend the most suitable raw material that we can supply, for the correct manufacture of the product.

Products made with our raw materials are destined for foundry ferrous metals (steel, cast iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, brass), to precision and artistic castings, and rare earths for alloys that can improve the quality or qualities of the metal.

Cold box, hot box, chemical molding, green molding etc.

Our knowledge of industrial processes allows us to obtain, after their transformation, very suitable products for smelting.

Silmin Ibérica ensures the logistics supply for the entire range of raw materials for foundry.

We supply the raw materials, by dump truck, dump trucks, tank trucks, big bag, bagged.

Silmin Iberica with its range of products, distributes the following industrial minerals High quality for foundries:

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