Silmin Ibérica is specialized in the commercialization and distribution of silica sand
of great purity for the industry. We commercialize and distribute very pure silica with contents in SIO2 of more than 99 %. The granulometric diversity that we can supply allows us to distribute the suitable size of the product depending on his application and final use. It can be supplied dry or with the degree of dampness that is needed.

Silmin Ibérica with his range of products,  distributes sands of silica of high quality for the manufacture of diverse industrial products, in sectors so diverse as:

silica sand for glass
silica sand for foundry

silica sand for construction, concrete and mortars
silica sand for applications with resin
silica sand for the chemical industry
silica sand for sports and leisure
silica sand for equestrian
silica sand for filtration and water treatment
silica sand for tails, adhesives and paintings
silica sand for ceramic and refractory
silica sand for sandblating
silica sand for fracking

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