The kaolin is a white clay of great purity proceeding from the decomposition of the rocks of feldspar, being a silicate of hydrated aluminium, His chemical formula is [AL4 SI4 O10 (OH) 8], his specific weight is of 2.6, and his hardness in the scale of Mohs is  2, is characterized by his form of thin particles and his chemical inertia, Other important properties are: it is hygroscopic ( absorbs water); his plasticity is low to moderated. High whiteness, his inertia before chemical agents, is odourless, insulating electrically, moulded  and of easy extrusion; it resists high temperatures, not  abrasive, not toxic and highly refractory and facility of dispersion. It is compact, soft to the tact and difficultly fusibly. It has great copulating and absorbent power and low viscosity in high percentages of solid.

Silmin Ibérica proposes a wide range of kaolins of high purity for the industry.

 We represent, commercialize and distribute kaolin of high quality and purity. The granulometric diversity  that we can supply allow us to supply the suitable size of the product depending on his application.

Silmin Ibérica assures the logistic supply for the whole range of kaolins for the industry.

 We supply and distribute kaolin by means of dumper truck, bascule trucks, tankers, big bags and sacks.

The capacities of treatment extremely advanced of the kaolin that Silmin Ibérica distributes and commercializes allow us to offer a product of of high purity, in order satisfies the exigency of specific  information for the manufacturers that they need very pure kaolin for diverse industrial applications.

The uses of the washed kaolin are multiple, due to his properties as whiteness, inertia opposite to the chemical agents, absence of toxicity, particles of thin size, great specific surface, high coverg power, highly refractory, absorbent and adherents capacities, etc. This, joined his abundance and wide world distribution, they do of the kaolin one of the not metallic raw materials, of major consumption and industrial importance.

In agriculture use is becoming more widespread, with very positive results ecological control fruit fly in citrus, olive fly and prays in and psyllid in pear tree.

Silmin Ibérica with his range of products, distributes and commercializes the following kaolins of high quality for the manufacture of diverse industrial products:

Kaolin for agriculture
Kaolin for ceramic industry
Kaolin for adhesives, sealers and putties
Kaolin for construction
Kaolin for the industry of the carton and stiff
Kaolin for industries of painting, inks and coverings.
Kaolin for paper
Kaolin of high purity for cosmetic
Kaolin of high purity for drugstore
Kaolin of high purity for chemical industry
Kaolin for rubber

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