Silmin Ibérica proposes solutions for applications in the industry based in circonio, element that is in use as oxide or in combination with rare lands, in forms of compounds coprecipitates.
Silmin Ibérica commercializes and distributes a wide range of products of engineering with base of circonio.
We commercialize and distribute circonio as the only element, or in combination with rare lands as cerium and itrio.
 A very diverse variety of oxides based on oxide of circonio and mixed oxides with different levels of stabilization. From circonios pures, as the monoclinical circonio, up to that they are totally stabilized.

These materials have many applications, which go from the tanning of leather, coatings of thermal barrier, electro-ceramic, ceramic condensers he multiple cap and other chips dielectrical that store electric power and liberate her of controlled form.
Glass, and optical fiber.
Ceramic, refractory.
 Filters of molten metal.
 Electronic ceramics.
Dental ceramics.
Structural ceramic, being in use with assiduity in the sector of the manufacture of hard material, where a light weight and structural resistance is necessary.

The oxides of circonio stabilized partially with itrio are in use in thermal barriers of industrial turbines of gas and of  aviation for generating energy, providing a protective cap for the alloy of the turbine against the high temperatures and the wear.

 Silmin Ibérica supplies powder of oxide of circonio to the manufacturers of painting, pigments and fuel cells of solid oxide used in the cells of generation of stationary energy and combustible cogeneration.

Ceramic capacitores, fuel cells of solid oxide, and the controls of pollution for his application in the sectors of sources of automotion and stationary.

 Across the technology of this product, the crystallinity, porosity, superficial area, size of particle, and the stability of these materials are totally controlled.

The compositions and properties typical of these materials also are varied and specific depending on the final application, developing across a narrow collaboration with the clients in order to perform with the specific requirements.

oxide of circonio
-Mixes with oxides of circonio
 Oxide of circonio monoclinical
 chemical products of circonio
- Hydroxide of circonio in powder
- Hydroxide of circonio in mass
- basic carbonate of circonio (powder/mass)
- basic sulfate of circonio (powder/mass)
ZR solutions
 - Solutions nitrate of circonio
 - Solutions acetate of circonio
 - Carbonate of ammonium and circonio
 - Circonio crystal.

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