​The iron oxides are chemical compounds formed by iron and oxygen.
There are called oligisto or hematita, word that comes from the greek haimatitis, blood-red, in allusion to the color of the powder of the mineral.
The ferric oxide or hematita is a compound which molecule is formed by two atoms of iron and three of oxygen (Fe2O3).
Silmin Iberica it’s specialized in the commercialization and distribution of red iron oxides with a great purity for the industry.
We commercialize and distribute natural and synthetic iron oxides. The granulometric diversity that we can supply they allow us to distribute the suitable size of the product depending on his final application.
Silmin Iberica assures the logistic supply for the whole range of iron oxides.
​We supply natural and synthetic iron oxides for the industry, depending of the application of the final product, by means of dumper truck, bascule truck, tanker, big bag, or in sacks. The pigments based on iron oxides they are not toxic, do not exude, are relatively inert, resistant to the meteorización, opaque and inalterable to the light.

The principal characteristics of the iron oxides that Silmin Iberica supplies and commercializes are: stability to high temperatures and limited radiations ultraviolet, great capacity of absorption of oil (influencing considerably the consumption of binders); The form of the particles of red iron oxides that improve the superficial area, the size of grain and his distribution improving the optical properties of the pigment.
The low percentage of soluble salt in water own of the red iron oxide guarantees a major protection against the corrosion in applications for protective coatings.
​Silmin Iberica with his range of products, distributes the following iron oxides of high quality for the manufacture of diverse industrial products:


The variety of granulometric cuts they do that ours red iron oxides they are used in the manufacture of different industrial products for very diverse sectors:

Oxides of red iron for Paintings and Coverings.
Oxides of red iron for Construction.
Oxides of red iron for Glasses.
Oxides of red iron for Fertilizers.
Oxides of red iron for Fried.
Oxides of red iron for Enamels.
Oxides of red iron for Animal feed.
Oxides of red iron for cosmetic applications.
Oxides of red iron for pharmacological applications.

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