Silmin Ibérica proposes a very wide range of dolomites, sedimentary rock consisted of double carbonate of calcium and magnesium, for industrial and agricultural applications. Silmin Ibérica is specialized in the commercialization and distribution of dolomites of great  purity for the industry and the agriculture.
Our range of products is based on criteria very defined depending on the final application of the product.
The chemical stability, granulometric diversity, content in iron oxide, the whiteness and the dried of the finished product, contribute solutions, answering to the most demanding request of the industry and the agriculture.

Dolomite diverse granulometries.
Dolomite in powder.
Micronized dolomite.

Silmin Ibérica assures the logistic supply for the whole range of dolomites that it commercializes. We supply dry dolomites or with the degree of dampness that is needed by means of dumper truck, bascule truck, tanker truck, big bag or sacks.
Silmin Ibérica with his range of products, distributes the following dolomites of high quality for the manufacture of diverse industrial and agricultural products:

- Dolomite for glass with very low contents in iron Fe2O3
The very low contents of iron oxide are very valued for the extra clearly glass production (perfumery, bottles of high range, glasses extra clear, solar industry, flat glass, glass fiber, etc.).
- Dolomite extra white 
Dolomite extra white with an index of whiteness> 90 % and a chemical regularity in contents CaO/MgO, do that our dolomite extra white be very valued. It is in use as white load, and in very diverse industrial applications.
- Industrial dolomite
The granulometric diversity, the purity and the treatment realized to our dolomite, make it very adapted for multiple industrial applications.
 Dolomite for painting.
 Dolomite for ceramic.
Dolomite for construction.
Dolomite for the manufacture of adhesives for construction.
Dolomite for plastic, adhesive materials.
 Dolomite for rubber.
 Dolomite for load.
And a wide range of industrial products that use our dolomites for his confirmed quality. In order to provide most adapted to his application, contact us for any request of information (size, contained in iron, whiteness, dampness, etc.) of our range of dolomite products.

- Agricultural dolomite
Silmin Ibérica commercializes and distributes dolomite for the agriculture. Due to his natural characteristics, and to his different sizes 0/05, 0/1, 0/2, 1-2, etc., they are in use as inputs for fertilizers organ minerals and agricultural amendments, for correcting the acid soils, improving the ph and increasing the assimilation of nutrients.
 The control of the process, the high quality of our dolomites and the knowledge of our raw materials guarantee a product to our clients who use it for the development of the most sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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