Silmin Ibérica proposes a calcium carbonate derived from chalk, of high purity with CaCo3 >98% with a wealth of Ca 37% ( 5%). Ivory white colour ( degree of whiteness CIE( ISO) W:70 Y 90 ). For agricultural use as a natural biostimulant and foliar fertilization. silmin calcium 050 is a very effective natural mineral product in agricultural uses, improving crop yields and increasing the quality of the fruit. Our 050 calcium carbonate is micronized, being a totally natural product. It improves the resistance of the plant to stress and diseases, which translates into a greater number of fruits of better quality and a more vigorous tree growth, increasing a greater yield of the crop and an improvement in the quality of the fruit. 

its application is foliar and can be applied with standard spraying equipment. Micronized particles form a rain-resistant layer that protects the crop, reducing the surface temperature. Its ease of dispersion. It has great covering power, as well as low viscosity in high percentages of solids.

Silmin calcium 050 is easy to apply in standard spraying equipment, Strengthens the crop, improving resistance to stress and diseases, favoring the yield and quality of the fruit. is suitable for ecological plantations being a natural mineral micronized.

Application and dosage

Add our S050 calcic carbonate to the spraying equipment to mix with water in the recommended ratio and remove. Keeping the mixture agitated during the spraying process. After heavy rains repeat the operation if necessary to reinforce the coating.

The proportions used for the dissolution of our S050 calcic carbonate in agriculture can be made directly in the use atomizer, with a concentration that can vary between 4% and 6% ( between 40 and 60 Kg / ha) volume of water, depending on the type of plant to be treated. It allows mixing with other types of products in the same tank and applying them at the same time, creating a thin and homogeneous layer that covers the tree. Packaging in bags of 25 kg.

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Las proporciones utilizadas para la  disolución de nuestro carbonato calcico S050 en agricultura  se pueden realizar directamente en el atomizador de uso,  con una concentración que puede variar entre el  4% y el 6% ( entre 40 y 60 Kg / ha)  del volumen de agua, en función del tipo de planta a tratar.  Permite mezclarlo con otros tipos de productos en la misma cisterna y aplicarlos a la vez, creando una capa fina y homogénea que cubre el arbolado.
Envase en sacos de 25 kg.

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