Silica sand for construction

Silmin Ibérica distributes and commercializes silica sands and gravels of silica calibrated that are in use in the manufacture of products and projects for construction. Our sands and gravels are very estimated by his color, hardness and scanty demands of water. The variety of granulometric cuts they do that our sands are in use in the manufacture of different industrial products for construction:
- cements
- mortars
- adhesives
- unions
-coatings of blue rollers, walls and fronts
- bricks of silica sand
- composites
- street furniture
- pavements
- pavements for gardens
- crossbeams
- silica sands and gravels of silica for hydraulic fracturation
- silica sands corrects
- silica sands and gravels for concrete polimer.
- manufacture of mortars and concretes of ultra high performance (UHPC)
- girders prestressings
- pipelines
- material of industrial landfill for different applications.
- sands and gravels of silica for dripping and surface cleanliness
- etc.

The constructive elements made with our silica sands improve the compaction, resistance and permanence of the product, as well as the fluency, reducing the segregation and the bubbling. The purity of our sands is a differ element economically since an important saving is obtained in additives.

We satisfy the demand of our clients in the size, color and dried of our industrial products.

the siliceas sands of Silmin Ibérica  can guarantee and satisfy fully these markets thanks to the fine and whiteness of his sands and the granulometry of the deposits that it distributes and commercialize.

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