Silmin Ibérica distributes and commercializes silica sands of high purity for the industry of the glass.

Our sands of silica extra have a contents in Sio2 of 99 % and very low percentages in FE203.

Depending on the needed glass, we can recommend the type of silica most appropriate for the correct manufacture of the same one.

The products elaborated with our sands of silica extra with great richness in Sio2 and very low contents in Fe2o3 are destined for the smelting of glass extra clearly for the manufacture of crystal, as well as diverse articles for sectors as crafts, perfumery, bottles and glasses of luxury, solar industry and glass articles of great prestige. Sands of silica extra for the manufacture of glass containers hollow and pressing (bottles, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, articles of table, lighting, articles of manual and automatic glass), as well as flat glass (buildings, car, etc.)

Our knowledge of the industrial processes allows us to obtain, after his transformation, products very appropriate for the manufacture of hollow glass and pressing, flat glass and glass for the manufacture of solar panels.

Our sands can be supply dry or with the degree of dampness that is needed.

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