Silmin Ibérica proposes a very diverse range of sands of silica that respond to the request of the sports activities, giving response and solutions to the industry of the sports soils.
Synthetic lawn:
Rugby, tennis, football, hockey, tracks of padel, etc. We supply washed and dry sands for the ballasted one of the synthetic surfaces, offer our bulk products, in sacks or big bag, to facilitate the application of the product.
Areas of natural lawn:
The works of creation or regeneration are associated with a contribution of sand of silica. The natural sands washed and rollings improve the properties of drainage allowing the ventilation of the soils.Our sands are recognized by his chemical purity, his rounded or subangular form and his granulometric calibration.
We put at the disposal of professional sands of silica adapted to his needs (exits, búnkers, ventilation, drainage and maintenance of lawn, top dressing, sandblasted fairway, etc).

Silica sand:
We supply sands of silica for beaches and artificial landscapes, volley beach, football beach, as well as green spaces, of walk and gardens.

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