Silmin Ibérica distributes calibrated sands and gravels of silica that are used for water treatment, filtration systems and similar industries.

The hardness and purity of our sands and gravel makes them prime filter elements. Washed and deprived of limestone, our products are within the required standard, and used by professionals sanitation and filtration:

siliceous filter bed
collective sanitation
treatment plants
drinking water stations
individual and collective pools
silica sand for aquarium

The characteristics of our sands make them very suitable for individual and collective drilling and for hydraulic fractionation.
Due to its high content of SiO2, hardness and ph neutral, provide excellent resistance to acids. The variety of granulometric makes them very useful in implementing media pre-filtration and filtration.

calibrated siliceous gravel granulometry:
04/08 mm
1/2 mm
2/3 mm
3/5 mm
4/8 mm
8/16 mm

We certify compliance with the UNE / EN 12904 standard (Chemical Products used in the treatment and purification of water for human consumption: silica sands and gravels), in accordance with the order SSI / 304/201 (On substances for water treatment intended for the production of water for human consumption).

Our production capacity allows us to adapt our sand and gravel to customer needs.

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