Silmin Ibérica supplies top quality silica sand for foundry.

Our top quality silica sand have a very definite characteristics, as his purity, with contents in sio2 superior to 90 %, his rounded or subangular form, absence of heavy minerals, as well as the granulometric cuts most adapted for this process.

Following the technical recommendations of the center of research and development specialized in smelting, we realize to our sands analysis of the sieves, controls in the determination of the content of particles lower than 20 microns, controls in the determination of the absolute and apparent density, determination of the loss for calcination, and the refractory properties. For all this, the top quality sands of silica that supplies Silmin Ibérica are very valued for the manufacture of molds and sand core making or males of foundry.

Top quality silica sand with granulometries 30 to 45 AFA (silica used in the manufacture of big molds, which need an excellent permeability to the gases and which avoid the appearance of cracks.)

Top quality silica sand with granulometries 50 to 55 AFA (a granulometric very balanced distribution that does that this top quality silica sand fulfills all the requirements and quality requirements of the smeltings).

Top quality silica sand with granulometries 68 to 80 and 100 AFA (these granulometries allow to obtain ended of high quality in the pieces of foundry).

Our sands are adapted for the applications in foundry:

- silica sands for the manufacture of foundry molds.

- silica sands for the manufacture of core making.
- silica sands for ferrous foundry
- silica sands Nonferrous Casting
- silica sands for applications in very diverse foundries.

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