Silmin Ibérica proposes a very diverse range of silica sand for his utilization as abrasive. The dripping with sand of silica is an abrasive method of cleanliness that projects sand of silica to pressure, by means of impact on a surface.

The abrasive sandblast not only eliminates the oxide and the superficial visible pollution, but also it produces a superficial suitable ruggedness for the adherence. This superficial ruggedness is known as profile of the surface. The profile of the surface is fundamental for the result of the coating, since it improves the adherence increasing the surface of contact. The profiles of the surface will change depending on the size of the abrasive particles, as well as on the technology that is used.

Silmin Ibérica offers response and solutions to the application of silica sands for dripping in a wide range of activities of superficial treatment of structures and metallic pieces, between others:

- retreat of rusty material, painting, fat and other unwanted remains of the surface of the metallic pieces.
- retreat of the remains of the molds and irregularities of the pieces of smelting.
- to clean and to eliminate the painting and the superficial inlays of the hull of a ship, of a metallic bridge and of other metallic structures.
- to clean the inside of a tank of storage of chemical products.
- to obtain a rugose surface.
- etc.

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